Thinking of Quitting the Mormon Church?


I have been thinking of quitting the Mormon Church. Yes, if I can, I am going to get even with that church. As soon as I can find another church that teaches about the Gathering of the House of Israel; the return of the Ten Tribes, the return of the Jews to Palestine, and how they are going to build the temple; the building of temples and what to do with them; the mission of Elias the prophet, the method for salvation of the people that died at the time of Noah, the origin of the American Indian, the complete explanation of why Jesus of Nazareth had to have a mortal mother but not a mortal father, the explanation of the three degrees of glory as mentioned by the apostle Paul, the complete explanation of why Elias and Moses did not die but had to be translated, the restoration of the gospel by modern revelation as promised by Peter and Paul and Jesus himself; the belief in eternal marriage and the family, and the knowledge and the place to seal for eternity; that teaches abstinance from all harmful drugs and foods; and that sells the best fire insurance policy on earth, for only a tenth of my income.

Yes sir, as soon as I can find another church that teaches all that, or even half as much, I will say goodbye to this Mormon church. The church that I am looking for must also be able to motivate 60,000 teenagers and adults to give up girl friends, sports scholarships, cars, and leave their homes and families for two years at their own expense and go to far away places to teach and preach without salary. It must be able to call, on a frosty day, some five or six thousand professors, students, alwyers, doctors, judges, policemen, businessmen, housewives and children to go pick apples at 6:00 a.m.

If I can find another church that answers all the important questions of life and the life hereafter, the purpose of death, suffering and pain; the absolute need for a Redeemer and the marvelous plan conceived and executed by Jesus Christ the Savior?

The forgoing is a modified verison of a letter that appeared in the Provo Daily Herald in response to letters from non-Mormons trying to convince LDS members to leave their church.