Latter-day Counsel


The Internet can be a powerful tool for good, but only if it is used correctly.
• Time spent “surfing” should be balanced with other, more important activities.
• The Internet should be used only when parents or other family members are present.
• Earn your parents’ trust by using the Intenet wisely.
• Remember to be safe while using the Internet.

Never reveal personal information over the ’net. We know that the Internet can be used to help spread the gospel. It can be a powerful tool for good. But just like many other tools, it can be misused and must be handled with care. For some people, it’s difficult to limit the time spent “surfing.” Just like time spent watching television, hanging out with friends, or chatting on the phone, the activity itself might be acceptable, as long as the time spent doing it doesn’t take away from more important things.

Here are some ideas for ground rules you could discuss with your parents:
• If possible, the family computer should be in a common area of the house, where people pass by often.
• At least one parent should be at home and nearby when the Internet is in use.
• Time limits for Internet use should be set.
• When visiting certain sites, never reveal information about yourself. If someone asks you for personal information, like your real name, address, phone number, or your parents’ credit card number, leave the site immediately.
New Era, February 2000