Latter-day Counsel

"Members should not participate in hypnosis for purposes of demonstration or entertainment."

Men and women may be deceived by the craftiness of the adversary and by the spirit of darkness that is in the world; they may be deceived with Christian Science, with hypnotism, with animal magnetism, with mesmerism, with spiritualism, and with all the other man-made and demon-stimulated isms which exist in the world; but the elect of God shall see and know the truth.
Joseph F. Smith, April Conf 1901

Historically, the leaders of the Church have spoken against the Saints using or experimenting with [page 11] hypnotism, as well as participating in mind control courses. In 1902 John W. Taylor of the Council of the Twelve said, I want to lift up my voice and say, that it is an abomination in the sight of the Lord our God. (Conference Report, April 1902

Hypnotism is simply a power by which a man can exercise an influence over his fellows, an unrighteous dominion, which is contrary to the commandments of God. Hypnotism is not of God, and is an abomination in His sight. This hypnotic power is not of God. It is an evil gift. Hypnotism is displeasing in the sight of the Lord, and those who practise it may be likened unto the charmers, soothsayers, sorcerers, and idolaters of ancient times.
John W. Taylor, Apr Conf 1902

We live in a wicked world. Never in our memory have the forces of evil been arrayed in such deadly formation. The devil is well organized. Never in our day has he had so many emissaries working for him. Through his many agents, his satanic majesty has proclaimed his intentions to destroy one whole generation of our choice young people.
Ezra Taft Benson, Oct Conf 1971

Evidence of the dastardly work of evil forces is increasingly evident. On every side we see the sad and heart-rending results. The devil-inspired destructive forces are present in our literature, in our art, in the movies, on the radio, in our dress, in our dances, on the TV screen, and even in our modern, so-called popular music. Satan uses many tools to weaken and destroy the home and family and especially our young people. Today, as never before, it seems the devil's thrust is directed
at our youth.
Elder Ezra Taft Benson (October 1971)