The Rise And Fall of Zion
Book of Mormon

by Rex Jensen

From Third and Fourth Nephi

The Conditions of Zion
The Un-Zion Conditions

1. Church of Christ existed
2. They had the Holy Ghost
3. All converted to Christ
4. There were no contentions
5. There were no disputations
6. Everyone dalt justly
7. Had all things in common
8. There were no rich, and no poor
9. None were in bondage
10. All were made free
11. All partook of the heavenly gift
12. The Lord did prosper them
13. They did multiply rapidly
14. They were fair and righteous
15. They married and were given in marriage
16. They did not follow the Law of Moses
17. Many mighty miracles were wrought
18. Love of God was in their hearts
19. There were no envyings
20. There were no strifes
21. There were no tumults
22. There were no whoredoms
23. There were no lyings
24. There were no murders
25. There was no lasciviousness
26. There were no robbers
27. There were no murderers
28. There were no Lamanites, nor any "ites"
29. The people were one

1. Part of people revolted
2. Exceedingly rich
3. Lifted up in pride
4. Wore costly apparel
5. Wore fine pearls
6. Wore fine things of the world
7. No more had things in common
8. Were divided into classes
9. Were other churches
10. Gave sacrament to the unworthy
11. Had much iniquity
12. Satan had power of their hearts
13. They denied the Christ
14. They persecuted the true church
15. They hardened their hearts
16. Sought to kill the saints
17. They cast people into furnaces
18. They cast people into dens of wild beasts
19. Had many false priests
20. Had false prophets
21. They smote the righteous
22. They were divided into classes
23. There were Nephites and Lamanites
24. They had secret combinations
25. They were proud in their hearts
26. They became vain
27. They were exceedingly wicked
28. They trafficked in gold and silver
29. Were taught to hate the children of God