Book of Mormon Facts
Book of Mormon

by Rex Jensen

Authorship The Book of Mormon has more than 20 authors
Binary Contrasts

Day to repent/Night of darkness
* Learning comes by comparing opposites (John Welch)

Christ in the B of M Every 1.7 verses of Book of Mormon reference Christ (Susan Black
Every 2.3 verses of Bible reference Christ
Ethnicity Ammonites
(but there were no Samites)
General Book of Mormon brings men to Christ (Ezra Taft Benson
1 million Lamanites in Church (1987)
4.5 million Lamanites in Church (2000)
Book of Mormon given by prophets
Book of Mormon edited by prophets
Book of Mormon translated by prophets
Plates 6" wide, 8" long, 6" thick
The thickness of tin
Received plates September 22, 1827
Weighed about 60 lbs
Printing Oliver Cowdrey's 2nd hand written copy was the printer's copy
Printer's copy is in hands of RLDS
200 fragments of original manuscript is in hands of LDS
Martin Harris mortgaged his farm to publish the Book or Mormon
Martin Harris lost his farm because the book did not sell well initially
Abner Cole (Obdadiah Dogberry) stole pages of B of M from printer
Cole published some pages of Book of Mormon with ridicule
Cole published 1 Nephi 1, January 2, 1830
Egbert B. Grandin published the Book of Mormon
Record Keeping Small plates were kept by prophets up to 130 BC
Large plates were kept by the kings up to 130 BC
After 130 BC, the prophets kept large and small plates
From Mosiah on, temporal & spiritual record is put on large plates
Descendants of Jacob kept plates from 544-130 BC
I Nephi through Omni is not abridged
Mormon abridged Mosiah through 4th Nephi
Moroni abridged Jaredite record into the Book of Ether


Ishmael is Sariah's brother
Laban is related to Lehi
Ishmael had 5 daughters and 2 sons, (1 Ne 7:6)
Lehi had 4 sons and 2 daughters, plus Jacob & Joseph
Lehi is only man in the Book of Mormon called "father"
Translation By the gift and power of God, by means of the Urim & Thummim
The Title Page was the last page written by Mormon & Moroni
The Title Page is a literal translation
1 year between loss of 116 pp & Oliver Cowdrey coming to Joseph Smith
3 Witnesses Saw the plates
Oliver Cowdrey, David Whitmer, Martin Harris
Saw the Liahona
Saw the Urim & Thummim
Saw an angel
Saw the Sword of Laban
8 Witnesses Examined the plates
Saw no angel
Saw no vision
Saw nothing heavenly
Shown to them by Joseph Smith
Emma also saw the plates
Mary Whitmer also saw the plates