Fourth Nephi Chronology
Book of Mormon

by Rex Jensen


2980 BC
2900 BC
2800 BC
2700 BC
2600 BC
2500 BC
2400 BC
2300 BC
2200 BC
2100 BC
2000 BC
1900 BC
1800 BC
1700 BC
1600 BC
1500 BC
1400 BC
1300 BC
1200 BC
1100 BC
1000 BC
900 BC
800 BC
700 BC
600 BC
500 BC
400 BC
300 BC
200 BC
100 BC
1 AD
100 AD
200 AD
300 AD
400 AD
500 AD

Jared & 22 people, Jared, Brother & friends not necessarily the first on this land
Orihah, Jaredites begin to multiply
Kib, Jaredites
Shule, Jaredites
Noah, Jaredites, wicked
Omer, Jaredites multiplying into cities
Jared II, Jaredites
Emer, Jaredites
Coriantum, Jaredites
Com, Jaredites
Heth, Jaredites
Shez I, Jaredites, drought etc, reduce the population
Shez II, Jaredites
Riplakish, Jaredites
Unknown, Jaredites
Morianton, Jaredites, expansive population
Kim, Jaredites
Levi, Jaredites
Corum, Jaredites, population reduced
Kish, Jaredites
Lib I, Jaredites
Heth, Jaredites, population reduced
Amnigaddah, Jaredites, population grows
Coriantum, Jaredites, population grows
Shiblom/Lehi/Mulek, Jaredites/Nephite/Mulekite
Ahah/Enos, Jaredite/Nephite/Mulekite
Ethem/Amaron, Jaredites/Nephites/Mulekite
Moron I/Abinadom, Jaredites/Nephites/Mulekites, more wars
Coriantumr/Mosiah I, Jaredites/Nephites/Mulekites, wars severely reduce population
Alma/Nehor, Jaredite/Nephite/Mulekite
Nephi II/Giddianhi, Jaredite/Nephite/Mulekite
Nephi IV, Jaredites/Nephites/Mulekites
Gadiantons/Amos II, Jaredites/Nephites/Mulekites
Gadiantons/Amaron, Jaredites/Nephites/Mulekites
Gadiantons/Mormon/Moroni, Jaredites/Nephites/Mulekites

* Dates are approximate